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Are you a job seeker looking for a high quality employer? Since 1971, Excel Staffing has helped over 40,000 people find jobs, whether part-time, full-time, or a temporary position. We are locally owned and operated, which gives us a far reach into New Mexico.


We make finding talented employees easy and have solutions for large and small staffing needs. Our combined experience actually amounts to over 225 years! Our character analysis program, interviews, and candidate assessments will ensure high quality every time.


We are different than other staffing companies because we offer state-of-the-art testing and training software, many years of experience, a vast knowledge-base, and the flexibility of being a local company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Contact us today!

Why Excel

Listen to customer testimonials that explain how we earned Best of Staffing 2012!

Employers today are faced with many challenges—finding the right employees doesn’t have to be one of them. Whether you need one employee or 500, Excel takes the hassle out of staffing by recruiting, testing, and screening people to specifically meet the needs of your company. By having Excel take care of your employment needs, you have more resources to concentrate on developing your business, which will ultimately increase your company’s bottom line.

Locally owned and operated, Excel is the number one supplier of staffing services in New Mexico. With a database of thousands of qualified applicants to choose from, we are sure to find the right employees for you. Excel’s certified ISO 9000 quality processes ensure that you are getting the highest quality service in addition to the highest quality employees.

This is why more employers choose Excel

  • Highest quality staffing guaranteed
  • ISO 9000 certified
  • Solutions to large and small staffing needs
  • Over 225 combined years of experience in the local staffing industry
Qualified and screened employees

Our testing program minimizes skills-related performance problems. Soft skills, however, are just as important as specific work skills for a productive employee. We have found that an in-depth personal interview by skilled and experienced staffing supervisors is by far the best way to determine these soft skills.

Within the guidelines of our principles of Equal Opportunity Employment, Excel has established validated testing procedures that are administered fairly to all of our applicants.

Character Analysis for Excel Employees
Excel is the only New Mexico staffing company to use Insight Worldwide Integrity Testing. This proven screening process essentially eliminates current substance abuse, theft, workers’ compensation fraud, and violence from our workforce while improving reliability.

Administrative Candidate Assessment
Every administrative candidate is evaluated on both office skills and soft skills. Depending on their knowledge, evaluations may include typing, data entry, accounting/bookkeeping, spreadsheets, and word processing. All candidates are given spelling, filing, grammar, and basic math evaluations.

Excel utilizes the ProveIt testing software to evaluate our clerical candidates, and results are available to you upon request. Most of these evaluations can be further customized for specific applications. Excel is constantly evaluating our testing and training software and will make additions as necessary to support our staffing commitments to you.

Manufacturing/Light Industrial Candidate Assessment
Upon request, Excel will perform specific tests on manufacturing and light industrial candidates to determine such things as fine motor abilities, manual dexterity, color blindness, and depth perception. This is your assurance that our employees have the skills required for the work you need performed. Excel will also design customized tests for workers required to have special dexterity or specialized knowledge such as military specifications.

A variety of staffing options

Short-term employees allow you to get that extra helping hand you might need for a day to a month. You let us know the length of the assignment and skills needed, we take care of the rest.

Long-term employees are an Excel specialty. We understand that long-term assignments require training and commitment. Excel has instituted a special screening program that assures the selection of the most reliable employee for your long-term personnel needs.
Before Excel staffing supervisors fill a long-term assignment, they conduct special interviews with several employees. The highest priority is matching employee skills and long-term goals with the job order requirements.

You may be interested in pursuing a temporary-to-hire option where Excel recruits, screens, tests, and conducts background checks on candidates before matching them to your job specifications. Excel's temporary-to-hire policy provides both you and our employee the opportunity of mutually evaluating your employment relationship prior to making a more serious employment commitment.

Direct Hire 
Direct hire is an option you may chose if you have a limited amount of time to devote to the hiring process, yet need assurance that you will get the best employee available. Candidates presented to you are specifically pre-qualified for an interest in long-term employment with your company, industry, and type of position being offered. Excel provides this service for a fee which is payable only upon successful hire of one of our candidates.

Payroll Service Plan
Excel's Payroll Service Plan is available to you if you have identified a candidate, but are not ready or able to make an employment commitment. Your candidate completes our application process and becomes an Excel employee covered by our workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. In addition, we pay the payroll taxes, issue a weekly paycheck, and take care of the W-2 form.
Our Payroll Service Plan, in contrast to our standard service, does not include procedures such as recruiting, screening, and reference checking. Since we perform only a portion of our normal services and provide no guarantees, the billing rate is significantly lower than our normal charge. Payroll service employees may be hired onto your payroll at any time with no conversion fee.